oder auch MILENG COE genannt, stellt sich in diesem Grundlagenbeitrag vor

Director’s Message

The MILENG COE is the principle interlocutor and facilitator for Military Engineering interoperability within NATO. The COE is the main hub for information exchange between NATO and partner nations engineers and forms the principle conduit for face to face interaction from OR-6 to OF-6 level. We are dedicated to enhancing interoperability through standardisation, to deliver the required effects to the benefit of NATO. The organisation has been in existence since 1977, initially as the Euro NATO Training Engineering Centre (ENTEC) and since 2009 as the Military Engineering Centre of Excellence. We are based in Ingolstadt Germany and collocated with the German Military’s Engineer Training Centre. Germany is the host nation, with 16 other sponsoring nations.

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Unser Dank geht an OTL Holger Pöppe, Senior Officer Concepts & Doctrine am MILENG COE
für die Übersendung des Artikels, und natürlich freuen wir uns auf weitere Neuigkeiten des MILENG COE.

Text & Bild: MILENG COE, Ingolstadt